søndag den 18. august 2013

Round 2–Pleasant/Gohdmodigsen


Beginning Wishes:

Majbritt: Become BFF with Daniel, go to work (fulfilled), Kiss Daniel and flirt with Daniel

Lillith:  Buy MP3-player, get a skill-point, do homework and get a friend

Anne:  Go to Uni, win gaming-contest, dance with Morten and flirt with Morten

Daniel:  Wohoo with 3, Be BFF with Majbritt, have 3 Make-outs and have 3 Lovers


*To Begin with I decided that if the twin doesn’t have a wish for Uni or have had one when the week is over, they won’t go. I’ll keep a “score” in my notes, each time they wish for it. If they wish for it 3 times and more they can go. Anne showed some interest in the beginning of the round, but it disappeared again.




Remember when I told you about that Kaylyn caught Daniel cheating on her with his wife, well here’s the proof….



And apparently she is a woman who holds a grudge. Man, she just kept bothering them – stealing their paper and knocking over their trashcan..


One day, she was so lucky that she was able to take revenge. Majbritt kept having all these Buy me this, Buy me that wishes, so in the end their had almost no money left in the bank. They even had so little that they couldn’t pay Kaylyn.. Oh well, I bet it felt kind of good for Kaylyn to be able to do this.. So it’s good for something..


It was actually so bad, that the twins had to freestyle for money, to earn enough to buy a cell-phone. Of course Anne was the lucky one to get a cell-phone. Lillith couldn’t afford one..


Anne is actually kind of a spoiled brat, she wished for a dog and she got it. Meet Leroy..


And adult Leroy.!



To make the twins seem even more different, I gave them both a makeover and I’m quite pleased with myself I must say. How much does Lillith rock that blue hair!! Rod




Lillith rolled a wish to go out, but first she needed to get permission. She couldn’t get it from her mom since they really aren’t getting along very well. So she tried to get it from her dad, by bonding with him watching some sports channel.


And in the end she succeeded.



Soon it came time for Daniel to turn into an elder


Elsewhere in the house, things were as they used to. The twins kept fighting, it was so bad I had to watch them (especially Lillith) so I could cancel out the action before they started.



But I did get to see something I haven’t seen before. Apparently, if a friend of the sim getting picked on watches it they will get quite mad at the one picking on their friend and wants to pick on them.. In this case, Sophie Miguel…


It soon came time for Majbritt’s birthday too. Luckily she had changed her job till a position in the SCIA since she aspires to become the leader one day, so maybe she’ll get to fulfil that before she goes.




Very classy.


Lillith kept wishing for Uni, and did it 3 times which meant she will be going. 5 days from adult she made the call.


And she will be found in the Uni-bin. Anne still didn’t wish for Uni (or had wished for it) when Lillith went. She was also 5 days from adult and the round was almost up, she only had one day to show me she wanted to go…



When in his old days he decided to try to make amends, and asked Kaylyn to forgive him for what he did to her. She did forgive him, but it will take some time for the wound to heal and to get their friendship back…

And we will round of with the fact that Anne isn’t going to college. She didn’t wish for it when it turned winter and I had to go and she had only wished for it 2 times. She is 4 days from adult, so of course she could still wish for it, but then I think it will be too late and she’ll get out of synch with the rest of them. Those are the rules, and I’ll think I’ll keep them for the whole neighbourhood, if you wish for Uni 3 times before you are 5 days from adult you can go. Otherwise you’ll have to stay home. We’ll see if it works out, I’m thinking that I’ll probably end up sending all teens anyway then. So maybe that’ll just be that… Flakkende



This house was VERY fun to play, but not easy. I didn’t always get to fulfil their wishes, but I got closer I think.

Especially Lillith was a tough one. She kept wishing for sneaking out and things like that, which could only be fulfilled at 1 A.M where a new “wishing day” started. Majbritt were quite easy though, even though she almost made them go bankrupt with all her Buy me this and buy me that. But she got some wishes fulfilled, and they now own 2 ceiling fans which is something I almost never give them (unless there’s a fortune sim in the house Smiley, der blinker)

(No I didn’t get to write down the ending wished this time either…. I’m just forgetful like that I guess)


Happy Simming Kun for sjov

Round 2–Dreamer/Syyvsohver


Beginning Wishes:

Danny: Reach logic skill 2, see a wolf, sell a masterpiece and reach creativity skill 9

Kim:  Earn money, go to work, get into private school and buy an MP3-player



I’m telling ya, mostly this household was just about skilling..! Skill, skill, skill!


And keeping Kim happy, so he could get around to earning some money. He also wishes to go to private school and UNI. All the freaking time..!



Ooops, not that good.. All that skilling makes Danny oblivious to almost everything else..



Also his poor guests.. Forlegen smiley


And that cool bartender at the secret hobby lot.. Oh I love it when my game generates cool looking townies and using my CC.



But he did enter a cooking competition and won! yay..!



Also I made him hire Kaylyn (spelling?) Langerak. I would love to have her in my game, the way the men has been treating her in this hood, I would think it’ll be cool if she got some uprising..


Trying to boost their relationship score by tipping her.. And just now it occurs to me that I should just make Daniel Pleasant invite her to move in and then move her out. They aren’t the best of friends just right now, since Kaylyn “caught” him with his wife, but maybe next round…


We’ll let Kim applying to College round of this chapter. He got a scholarship for good grades by the way Smiley, der blinker 



This house was actually a bit boring. Either they wanted to skill, earn money and Kim wanted to go to Private School or Uni. I didn’t get around to trying for private school. Maybe because Danny was so hung up on his studies, that I assumed it would be fruitless to try and invite the headmaster over or maybe I just thought that he was going away to Uni soon anyway, so why bother..

Of course I also forgot to write down their wishes before I left, so you’ll just have to wait till next time to see wait they will be bugging me with for five days Smiley, der blinker 


Happy Simming Skole

tirsdag den 13. august 2013

Round 2–Brooke/Rabunduus


Beginning wishes:

Morten:  Get into private school, earn money, meet new people and go to Uni

Birgitte (Brandi):  Be BF with Bent, get a cleaning skill, entertain, and play a game with someone

Bent: sell lemonade, get a skill point, talk about hobby and get an A+





Oh I see. Pregnant, hungry woman trying to cook herself a meal…


Or a dessert? Eww, Brandi don’t eat that…

After burning the first cheesecake, Brandi threw a wish to learn how to cook one (ok, but you’re asking for it)


And this time she suceeded..


Not long after, Birgitte was due to giving birth


Here’s Viggo


and surprise it’s twins! This is Martin. Both got Birgitte’s skintone, haircolour and eyes..

After the birth of the twins Brandi wished to get married. Of course I locked it, now I just need to find her a husband.. And a good one this time, and some money wouldn’t hurt either Smiley, der blinker



But untill she found that significant other, Birgitte spent a lot of time with her kids. Mostly that was what she wished for actually.



And she could be very proud with them. Bent got an A+ one day, and finally fulfilled that wish.!



Soon it came time for the twins’ birthday




Cutiepies! Ok, time for personalities: Martin is 3 sloppy, 6 outgoing, 4 lazy, 6 playful and 7 nice while Viggo is 7 neat, 9 outgoing, 8 active, 5 playful and 6 nice.

After their birthday, Birgitte took a job in culinary, but it is only temporary. She is waiting for a job in Law and Enforcement to open up for her, but she is a very good cook, so I thought; why not.


It was around that time to that Birgitte wished to find some love, so she and Morten went out. Morten got himself a handheld game and Birgitte started her search….


And she found these two. She got two bolts for them both, but since John is married and I’ve got no intention to split him and Pia, Benjamin Long it is!


Odd pic out:


Random Townie, STEP AWAY FROM THE SINK!!!!


Buuuuut, you’re forgiven for learning Bent how to say hello like a real caveman! Flækker af grin


A/N: I must say, I think this was quite a tough household. Hope it get’s better. Now this is quite embarassing, since I’ve forgot if I sent Morten to Uni or not. I’m pretty sure I did.. Tænkende smiley

And I didn’t get to write down the ending wishes either, but I do know that poor Birgitte still wishes to fall in love..


Happy Simming! Rødt hjerte