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Round 2– Goth



So typical Dan and romance sims.. All he wants to do is wohoo, wohoo….. Wow, it rhymed Flirt - mand

also, both Cass and Dan both wanted to go on a vacation, so they bought a vacation home. It’s not like thet can’t afford it, they’ve got like 500,000 in the bank.. I understand why Dan wanted into the family.. Smiley, der blinker



So all this wohoo tends to lead to one thing – especially when you have Risky – which Cassandra doesn’t mind at all. And probably Dan neither, since he rolled family for his 2. aspiration, while Cass rolled Romance. I gotta say, in this version these two are actually perfect for each other!




Mortimer was his usual self as well. All he wanted to do was skill, skill, skill.. And so he did….


As well as joining secret clubs,


poking people,


And helping his son with his homeworks…


Which was good, since Alexander got an A+! Typical child want in the sims, so thank you Mortimer..


Soon it was time for Alexander’s birthday. And he turned out pretty well, even though it seems like Dan has been influencing the boy some, since Alex rolled Romance with an LTW to top Culinary.


Dan couldn’t help it, he wished for 3 make-outs and so I set him up on a date with Dina.


3 make-outs in!


And, I think, 2. public wohoo.. Not really sure, gotta check up on it.

Poor Dina actually rolled the want to get engaged to Dan after this. She must be pretty naive what with Dan being married already, but that’s not the first time that has happened in history. Still feel bad for her though..

But you shouldn’t feel too bad for Cass, she both wanted to have 3 loves and flirt with Darren. None of it I got around to, but we’ll see next round. You could say she was quite busy during this week what with being pregnant and having babies….




Yup, I did say babies. She had twins; Daniel and Izabella. You guess why I chose those names Smiley, der blinker

Can’t wait to see how they will look like, it’s said around in the sim-society that Dan makes pretty babies. We’ll see..


Love was in the air in this house. Romance-Alex bought himself a blind date with……..


the newspaperdelivery-girl??! Oh well. Frankly I don’t recall if it went well. Skuffet smiley More on that next time I guess.. Forlegen smiley


Even Mortimer seems to be courted. But he really doesn’t seems to notice it at all. This young lade is named Gretchen. She kept visiting, but Mortimer rolled no such want for her. Maybe it’ll happen when Spring arrives, if Mortimer survives that long..


DAN! What are you doing? 3-public wohoos now? Now I get why Mortimer is so mad with you Nina…


Soon it was time for the twins’ birthday


First up was Daniel (Look a little interested maybe, DAN?!)


Thats better…


Next was Izabella, ofcourse..



They are soooo so cute! Here’s Daniel, his personality is: 1 sloppy, 7 outgoing, 9 active, 7 playful, 4 mean


And beautiful Izabella: 7 neat, 1 shy, 8 active, 6 playful and 4 mean..

After the twins grew up, Dan rolled for another baby! Overrasket smiley We’ll see next time….


A/N: Oh man it was though. It really takes some practice I must say. I didn’t fulfill all 5 wishes a day, and when the twins got older it got even worse. I didn’t get to write down their first or last wishes. But on the other hand, this was my first real week. It gets better as I practice, but it also took me a long time to get around to writing this update, since my notes were pretty clumsy and confusing due to the new playstyle.. But I definately like it. It’s a nice change to my other Prosperity hood; Strawberry Fields, which can be necessary to take a break from sometimes..

I’ve still got a lot of updates to make, both on this blog and on Strawberry Fields, so I gotta run. I made a rule that I can’t play before both blogs are up to date. Smiley

Happy Simming!Smiley med tungen ud af munden

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  1. Yes, yes, yes, Don does make pretty babies! I say indulge those cheating wishes. Makes for a great and interesting story, that is what 5 Wishes is all about!!! My Don wished for more children too once he got married. And yes, Romance/Family Sims have the most babies than any other aspiration in the game! I am glad to see you back!