tirsdag den 24. april 2012

Oldie – Round 1



I’ll just start this update with showing you a picture of what will in time contain most of those needed for Coral’s LTW. Yes, you guessed correct, she wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens.

And Herb wants to wohoo with 20 sims.. Yeah, we’ll see…



The first puppy for Coral’s LTW arrives, meet Xanthos.


Coral actually were the first to rollt he want to flirt, and then…


Wohoo.. And she kept rerolling it, which surprised me a bit. This should be Herb’s wants..

Herb instead wished for a job in the Intelligence field, and got one (and then I remembered that I’ve got the noage-discrimination hack, which I’m not sure I’ll keep. We’ll see next round)


Creepy STALKER ALERT!!!!!!!


~ * ~

I actually think this will be a fun household to play, since I’ll try to fulfill both their LTWs, and so it’ll also be a very busy household I think….

They were quite easy to please, especially with Coral’s wohoo wishes, and then skilling.

Herb rolled a want to meet people (Creepy stalker), a bar, a hot tub and to have a conversation with Darren Dreamer from the welcome wagon. So in the end, both of them got their wishes fulfilled.

2 kommentarer:

  1. The Oldies were great, I kinda wish I'd kept them alive longer- oh well. Circle of life and all that.
    Looking forward to reading more, this first round has been great! :)

  2. I let Herb go...Wasn't going to do that wish. Workin' on Coral's though...the same LTW...20 puppies or kitties. hehe