tirsdag den 24. april 2012

Caliente – Round 1



Whoop whoop! Some loving for Mortimer!

Lucky for Mortimer Dina rolled the want to wohoo with him! YaY, but other than that didn’t happen. It could be fun to have those two married, but it really depends on if either rolls any wants for just that.. We’ll see…


And Nina, being the vain Romance sim she is wanted to get fit, and as the good simmer I am, I ofcourse obliged… *snicker*


Oh NO! Every Fortunesim’s nightmare! The Burglar!



And when the burglar heads for the hottub, it quickly became the nightmare of a romancesim.. What will Nina do without her bathtub?! Every Romancesim, with respect for themself own a hottub!


Sneak all you want, we know you are there…


Grrrrrrrr…… Moron! She is Right THERE!


Sorry Dina… Trist smiley 

If you’re wondering if the cop caught the burglar, the answer is no! Oh the standards of the Pleasantview Police must be lacking some!


But we’ll end this update on a good note. Nina found a new victim for her romancing ways, this latinolooking, rocking stud, Aage!

On a sidenote, Nina got a job in the Slacker career and Dina got a job in adventure (eventhough her LTW is to become Head of SCIA, but it wasn’t available).


~ * ~

Short and fairly easy update. I can’t remember Nina’s LTW but I will remember to chech for next update..

By the way, I’ve also got Risky Wohoo, but unfortunately Mortimer and Dina didn’t conceive. I’d bet it would please Dina if she did, at least her child would then inherit some of those money Dina is eyeing…

3 kommentarer:

  1. Looks like your Policeman is as useless as mine! Not the hot tub!! nooooooo! Poor Dina, she took that really badly! hehe.

  2. Your Nina and Dina have the same jobs mine do. Haha yah @ the burglar. Useless!!!! lol Oh man what is Nina going to do without her hottub She makes heavy use of it!

  3. The Police of the Simiverse are really awful