tirsdag den 24. april 2012

Burb – Round 1:



First I redecorated the Burbs’ house a bit, since I think some of the houses in Pleasantview, can be just a pain to navigate through while playing.


But being the Doofus I can be sometimes, I forgot that I had called for a dog (Both Lucy/Klara and John wanted one), and thus didn’t have the money for it when it arrived O_o


Meet Sune…


The dog who cost them a toilet.. (?)


And in no time he grew up.. Hmm, okay. Of course Lucy had a lot of wants involving the dog, one of them being befriending him, which she also succeeded in.


Pia (can’t remember what the name in the englishlanguaged game is? ) had an LTW to become the law, and the same day she found a job in it and quickly went.

John got a job in Law and Enforcement, since it was the highest paying job of the day, and since his LTW is to marry of six kids..


And when Pia returned from work, they got started on John’s LTW.


~ * ~

This house went great. Mostly the parents wished to interact with Lucy, and Lucy wished to interact with her parents, and later the dog.

John also wanted to be friends witht he dog, but didn’t accomplish it before I had to leave. Of course he also had to want to have a baby, and since that is part of his LTW it is locked in of course.. Smiley

3 kommentarer:

  1. Soo funny the lady from the pound taking the toilet! haha.
    Lots of pets for you already, :)

  2. I have never seen animal control take stuff in payment for a pet! LOL Wow I will have to try that! I like the name Pia! Very nice.

  3. Her name in the English version is Jennifer :-)