tirsdag den 24. april 2012

Lothario–Round 1


(First I want to point out that this round mostly only is for like 1 day, since I’m trying to get them all in synch. My rounds will last for one season, where we start of it is the last day of summer, so in order to get all houses into the start of fall, I only played them for one day.)



Well, we all know Don. All he really wanted was to wohoo, and romancy kind of stuff. Nina were the first to get some Loooooving from the good ol´e Don!




As you will see in the next updates, somehow a fair amount of sims in Pleasantview are quite creepy and stalkerish! Like this old dude who just stood and stared at Nina and Don’s wohoo, and thereafter just Nina…


And this will be the last picture for this update, since it only lasted for one day. Don changed jobs to culinary since that is his LTW-carreer, so bette get him started on that..

Next up is the Goths


~ *  ~

Well, what to say.. Don rolled typical Romance wants, and thus wasn’t that hard to please. Nothing unexpected happened, so yeah.. It was just that; exactly what I expected…

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  1. I've noticed a few creepy sims who like to stare- haha, good stuff and a nice start for Don.

  2. Oh smart thinking getting them all in sync with the seasons. I never thought of doing that!