tirsdag den 24. april 2012

Oldie – Round 1



I’ll just start this update with showing you a picture of what will in time contain most of those needed for Coral’s LTW. Yes, you guessed correct, she wants to raise 20 puppies or kittens.

And Herb wants to wohoo with 20 sims.. Yeah, we’ll see…



The first puppy for Coral’s LTW arrives, meet Xanthos.


Coral actually were the first to rollt he want to flirt, and then…


Wohoo.. And she kept rerolling it, which surprised me a bit. This should be Herb’s wants..

Herb instead wished for a job in the Intelligence field, and got one (and then I remembered that I’ve got the noage-discrimination hack, which I’m not sure I’ll keep. We’ll see next round)


Creepy STALKER ALERT!!!!!!!


~ * ~

I actually think this will be a fun household to play, since I’ll try to fulfill both their LTWs, and so it’ll also be a very busy household I think….

They were quite easy to please, especially with Coral’s wohoo wishes, and then skilling.

Herb rolled a want to meet people (Creepy stalker), a bar, a hot tub and to have a conversation with Darren Dreamer from the welcome wagon. So in the end, both of them got their wishes fulfilled.

Burb – Round 1:



First I redecorated the Burbs’ house a bit, since I think some of the houses in Pleasantview, can be just a pain to navigate through while playing.


But being the Doofus I can be sometimes, I forgot that I had called for a dog (Both Lucy/Klara and John wanted one), and thus didn’t have the money for it when it arrived O_o


Meet Sune…


The dog who cost them a toilet.. (?)


And in no time he grew up.. Hmm, okay. Of course Lucy had a lot of wants involving the dog, one of them being befriending him, which she also succeeded in.


Pia (can’t remember what the name in the englishlanguaged game is? ) had an LTW to become the law, and the same day she found a job in it and quickly went.

John got a job in Law and Enforcement, since it was the highest paying job of the day, and since his LTW is to marry of six kids..


And when Pia returned from work, they got started on John’s LTW.


~ * ~

This house went great. Mostly the parents wished to interact with Lucy, and Lucy wished to interact with her parents, and later the dog.

John also wanted to be friends witht he dog, but didn’t accomplish it before I had to leave. Of course he also had to want to have a baby, and since that is part of his LTW it is locked in of course.. Smiley

Pleasant – Round 1


(I haven’t got a lot of pictures for this lot, unfortunately. Guess it was a bit of a struggle to try fulfilling their wants, and it had been a while since I played the ‘hood, so I had to get into the rythm again, I guess)



First all, I’m starting witht he picture of Mr. Humble freaking out because the fountain is on fire

(this also tickles me, since I don’t think it is quite logical that a fountain WITH Water(!) could catch fire…? Oh well)

First of all Lillith wished for a friend, and since she isn’t on best terms with her family she instead called her grandmother, but I failed to make them all the way to friends..

Angela (or Anna, as she is called in my game, since it is Danish) wished to be friends with Mary – Sue (or Maj-Britt), but when Mary- Sue wanted to talk to her, she didn’t want to talk to her mom. She is a special one, that Angela… 


Of course, Daniel rolled for wohoo, and with his wife! So no cheating scene, and also Mary got a promotion when returning home, and Daniel sent Kaylynn on her way when she finished her job. He had no wants for her. Of course, after this wohoo he rolled the want for 3 lovers and 3 make-outs. I’m going for the lovers next time, since his LTW is to have 20 lovers at a time, so of course I’m going for that, making my simmies wants come true Smiley, der blinker 


Also, after the girls bought a virtual game – and then continuing to fight in public – they both rolled the want to go to Uni, and it stayed there till the end of this round.

I’m letting my teens stay home, untill one day before growing up, and if they still have the want for UNI they will go.


Sorry Lillith.. I must say, I’m slowly starting to like Lillith more than Angela. She seems like such a sour B***… Maybe it’ll change, but not likely, I think.

Angela later rolled a want to get a job in the gamer field, which she got since it was available that day, but I really can’t figure out why. Her LTW is to reach the top of the Culinary field, and her OTH isn’t games. Maybe she thought she was so good with her new virtual gamingmachine that she thinks she can make some money out if it ?

Also, Mary- Sue’s LTW is to become Head of SCIA, and Lillith wants 20 best friends.. *sigh*


~ * ~

I so failed at this house! The only one who actually got all her five wishes to come true were Mary-Sue.. Man, what is happening. This house, and the next too, I kind of had a hard time keeping up with who had gotten how many wishes fulfilled. Really don’t know what happened. Maybe I really needed to get into the habbit of things. But also, sometimes I must say that sims can roll wishes that just isn’t that easy to accomplish!

Dreamer – Round 1



The first want Darren rolled were to kiss Cassandra, guess he isn’t letting anything like a new husband get in the way for his love for Cassandra. But after the kiss, it was pretty much it..


But Cassandra wasn’t shy herself to romancing with Darren.



And thus she fell in love with him.. Hmm Cassandra, conflicted much?


Daniel and Cassandra then went upstairs – not to do anything forbidden – but simply to make a portrait of Cassandra, maybe for Daniel to have to look at when she is with his husband, and he is all alone!

(Can you tell that I really wanted Darren and Cassandra to be together, than Don and Cass? No..?)


Dirk wasn’t forgotten. He invited Lillith over, to get a kiss from her, since that is was he wished for.

Then he started to wish for Uni, Private school, something and to get help with his homework, but as Darren was asleep, Dirk couldn’t get those wants fulfilled.


After the whole kiss thing Darren wished for a job in medicine, gamer og oceonography and to reach level 9 in creativity..

I couldn’t find any of those jobs for him, and thus the round ended with him still being unemployed.

On a sienote, his LTW is to become Education Minister, and Dirk wishes to own 5 top level businesses…


~ * ~

I must say, I think it were some tough wants these two had, considering I didn’t have more than one day to fulfill them, and they were quite big some of them, and as with Darren’s, unreachable..

Hope it turns out better the next round, I’ll also have more time then. Maybe that will help.

Brooke – Round 1



Well, Bent rolled the typical toddler wants, and Brandi tried to help out with that as well as she could..


Morten wasn’t that bad either, but I must say I never had a teen wish for the lemonadestand and to sell some too.. But he looks so sweet just sitting there.. hehe..


Surprised? I’m not….


Brandi really did help her kids, as much as she could, not considering her conditions.

By the way, Morten wants to be Chieff of Staff and so he got a job in medical.



Morten also got a want to sneak out with Angela. I obliged to that, and made him call her, little did I know that she had such a kewl car!


And that I’ve just had Brandi sit to study something or other, and she caught Morten..

No idea why I didn’t think that much further, it was kind of a stupid mistake on my part, but oh well..


Sorry Morten… Trist smiley 




And before we leave, Bent grewer up, and he grewed up well in deed.


Cute right.. Smiley 


~ * ~

Bent and Morten were quite easy, it was much worse with getting Brandi’s wants fulfilled. Only things I got fulfilled were flirt, and skill Bent. Gotta make it up to her the next round, she is a very selfsacrficing mother, but to me it is very realistic given that she is a single mother, with a teenage son, a toddler and one on the way. Really can’t be easy..

Caliente – Round 1



Whoop whoop! Some loving for Mortimer!

Lucky for Mortimer Dina rolled the want to wohoo with him! YaY, but other than that didn’t happen. It could be fun to have those two married, but it really depends on if either rolls any wants for just that.. We’ll see…


And Nina, being the vain Romance sim she is wanted to get fit, and as the good simmer I am, I ofcourse obliged… *snicker*


Oh NO! Every Fortunesim’s nightmare! The Burglar!



And when the burglar heads for the hottub, it quickly became the nightmare of a romancesim.. What will Nina do without her bathtub?! Every Romancesim, with respect for themself own a hottub!


Sneak all you want, we know you are there…


Grrrrrrrr…… Moron! She is Right THERE!


Sorry Dina… Trist smiley 

If you’re wondering if the cop caught the burglar, the answer is no! Oh the standards of the Pleasantview Police must be lacking some!


But we’ll end this update on a good note. Nina found a new victim for her romancing ways, this latinolooking, rocking stud, Aage!

On a sidenote, Nina got a job in the Slacker career and Dina got a job in adventure (eventhough her LTW is to become Head of SCIA, but it wasn’t available).


~ * ~

Short and fairly easy update. I can’t remember Nina’s LTW but I will remember to chech for next update..

By the way, I’ve also got Risky Wohoo, but unfortunately Mortimer and Dina didn’t conceive. I’d bet it would please Dina if she did, at least her child would then inherit some of those money Dina is eyeing…