tirsdag den 24. april 2012

Dreamer – Round 1



The first want Darren rolled were to kiss Cassandra, guess he isn’t letting anything like a new husband get in the way for his love for Cassandra. But after the kiss, it was pretty much it..


But Cassandra wasn’t shy herself to romancing with Darren.



And thus she fell in love with him.. Hmm Cassandra, conflicted much?


Daniel and Cassandra then went upstairs – not to do anything forbidden – but simply to make a portrait of Cassandra, maybe for Daniel to have to look at when she is with his husband, and he is all alone!

(Can you tell that I really wanted Darren and Cassandra to be together, than Don and Cass? No..?)


Dirk wasn’t forgotten. He invited Lillith over, to get a kiss from her, since that is was he wished for.

Then he started to wish for Uni, Private school, something and to get help with his homework, but as Darren was asleep, Dirk couldn’t get those wants fulfilled.


After the whole kiss thing Darren wished for a job in medicine, gamer og oceonography and to reach level 9 in creativity..

I couldn’t find any of those jobs for him, and thus the round ended with him still being unemployed.

On a sienote, his LTW is to become Education Minister, and Dirk wishes to own 5 top level businesses…


~ * ~

I must say, I think it were some tough wants these two had, considering I didn’t have more than one day to fulfill them, and they were quite big some of them, and as with Darren’s, unreachable..

Hope it turns out better the next round, I’ll also have more time then. Maybe that will help.

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  1. Yeah you've set yourself tough goals having them one day only. I play mine from Monday-Monday, some only had a few days first round but it's nicer after that.
    Cassandra and Don, Cassandra and Darren? Hmm, which way will it go?!

  2. Hehehe @ Cassandra and Darren. I can't picture Cassie and Don together, she and Darren are a fine match.