tirsdag den 24. april 2012

Pleasant – Round 1


(I haven’t got a lot of pictures for this lot, unfortunately. Guess it was a bit of a struggle to try fulfilling their wants, and it had been a while since I played the ‘hood, so I had to get into the rythm again, I guess)



First all, I’m starting witht he picture of Mr. Humble freaking out because the fountain is on fire

(this also tickles me, since I don’t think it is quite logical that a fountain WITH Water(!) could catch fire…? Oh well)

First of all Lillith wished for a friend, and since she isn’t on best terms with her family she instead called her grandmother, but I failed to make them all the way to friends..

Angela (or Anna, as she is called in my game, since it is Danish) wished to be friends with Mary – Sue (or Maj-Britt), but when Mary- Sue wanted to talk to her, she didn’t want to talk to her mom. She is a special one, that Angela… 


Of course, Daniel rolled for wohoo, and with his wife! So no cheating scene, and also Mary got a promotion when returning home, and Daniel sent Kaylynn on her way when she finished her job. He had no wants for her. Of course, after this wohoo he rolled the want for 3 lovers and 3 make-outs. I’m going for the lovers next time, since his LTW is to have 20 lovers at a time, so of course I’m going for that, making my simmies wants come true Smiley, der blinker 


Also, after the girls bought a virtual game – and then continuing to fight in public – they both rolled the want to go to Uni, and it stayed there till the end of this round.

I’m letting my teens stay home, untill one day before growing up, and if they still have the want for UNI they will go.


Sorry Lillith.. I must say, I’m slowly starting to like Lillith more than Angela. She seems like such a sour B***… Maybe it’ll change, but not likely, I think.

Angela later rolled a want to get a job in the gamer field, which she got since it was available that day, but I really can’t figure out why. Her LTW is to reach the top of the Culinary field, and her OTH isn’t games. Maybe she thought she was so good with her new virtual gamingmachine that she thinks she can make some money out if it ?

Also, Mary- Sue’s LTW is to become Head of SCIA, and Lillith wants 20 best friends.. *sigh*


~ * ~

I so failed at this house! The only one who actually got all her five wishes to come true were Mary-Sue.. Man, what is happening. This house, and the next too, I kind of had a hard time keeping up with who had gotten how many wishes fulfilled. Really don’t know what happened. Maybe I really needed to get into the habbit of things. But also, sometimes I must say that sims can roll wishes that just isn’t that easy to accomplish!

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  1. Yeah, it's harder than it seems eh? The more sims, the harder it gets! Wow, going for 20 woohoo's for Daniel, very brave!
    The twins are always fighting in my game, cracks me up. lol.

  2. If your Simmies aren't giving you many wishes to fulfill, take them off the lot, so they will respin. I do that quite often. Yeah, those girls are always fighting. So much like real life, real siblings!

  3. Nice to see the original Pleasant family again! In my hood, both Mary-Sue and Daniel have died "years" ago, the girls are all grown up...