tirsdag den 24. april 2012

Goth – Round 1





Well, I think the pictures kind of speaks for themselves… Cassandra didn’t lose the want to get married, and so I obliged to her..


And then they went to christent the bed, and consumate their marriage..

At least Don get some wishes fulfilled..


Another creepy sim enters the story.. Ewww, Mortimer.. That is both scary and creepy, and wrong in so many ways!


The Goths were also lucky enough to get a puppy, since there is both a child and a Family sim in the house.. I must say as I went through the households, fulfilling wishes, I realized that a fair amount of pets would be brought into the neighbourhood.. My sims just love them I guess…



This picture is just here to show that Mortimer were quite hard to please.. All he ever rolled was to get a job in this and that, all jobs that weren’t available. Oh, and also to kiss Dina and Nina. This picture shows how well that went!


~ * ~

Like mentioned above, I hard time with Mortimers wishes, what with all those job related wants. And the ghost on the lot a jsut crazy, I’m sure we’ll have much fun with them O_o

Cassandra was pretty easy, and so was Don (and he actually did have had his wishes fulfilled to be fair). Alexander was a typical child, and thereby pretty easy too..

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  1. Wow, Don and Cassandra! Can't wait to see how that turns out!
    yeah, Mortimer was hard to please, I had him skill most of the time. :D

  2. Oh me too...cant wait to see what happens there. Maybe with Don all settled down and everything he will be a good boy...hahaha!

  3. Wow, Don didn't run from the wedding!