tirsdag den 24. april 2012

Brooke – Round 1



Well, Bent rolled the typical toddler wants, and Brandi tried to help out with that as well as she could..


Morten wasn’t that bad either, but I must say I never had a teen wish for the lemonadestand and to sell some too.. But he looks so sweet just sitting there.. hehe..


Surprised? I’m not….


Brandi really did help her kids, as much as she could, not considering her conditions.

By the way, Morten wants to be Chieff of Staff and so he got a job in medical.



Morten also got a want to sneak out with Angela. I obliged to that, and made him call her, little did I know that she had such a kewl car!


And that I’ve just had Brandi sit to study something or other, and she caught Morten..

No idea why I didn’t think that much further, it was kind of a stupid mistake on my part, but oh well..


Sorry Morten… Trist smiley 




And before we leave, Bent grewer up, and he grewed up well in deed.


Cute right.. Smiley 


~ * ~

Bent and Morten were quite easy, it was much worse with getting Brandi’s wants fulfilled. Only things I got fulfilled were flirt, and skill Bent. Gotta make it up to her the next round, she is a very selfsacrficing mother, but to me it is very realistic given that she is a single mother, with a teenage son, a toddler and one on the way. Really can’t be easy..

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  1. I forget that some of your Sims may have different names to ours (UK English for me), but I love Morten, wayyy better than Dustin, LOL. How cute he was selling lemonade, shame about his sneaking out. Yeah, life is tough for Brandi- she needs a rich man, lol.

  2. I love reading Sims blogs from other countries than the America...where I am. Puts a new spin on the game!