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Round 2–Dreamer/Syyvsohver


Beginning Wishes:

Danny: Reach logic skill 2, see a wolf, sell a masterpiece and reach creativity skill 9

Kim:  Earn money, go to work, get into private school and buy an MP3-player



I’m telling ya, mostly this household was just about skilling..! Skill, skill, skill!


And keeping Kim happy, so he could get around to earning some money. He also wishes to go to private school and UNI. All the freaking time..!



Ooops, not that good.. All that skilling makes Danny oblivious to almost everything else..



Also his poor guests.. Forlegen smiley


And that cool bartender at the secret hobby lot.. Oh I love it when my game generates cool looking townies and using my CC.



But he did enter a cooking competition and won! yay..!



Also I made him hire Kaylyn (spelling?) Langerak. I would love to have her in my game, the way the men has been treating her in this hood, I would think it’ll be cool if she got some uprising..


Trying to boost their relationship score by tipping her.. And just now it occurs to me that I should just make Daniel Pleasant invite her to move in and then move her out. They aren’t the best of friends just right now, since Kaylyn “caught” him with his wife, but maybe next round…


We’ll let Kim applying to College round of this chapter. He got a scholarship for good grades by the way Smiley, der blinker 



This house was actually a bit boring. Either they wanted to skill, earn money and Kim wanted to go to Private School or Uni. I didn’t get around to trying for private school. Maybe because Danny was so hung up on his studies, that I assumed it would be fruitless to try and invite the headmaster over or maybe I just thought that he was going away to Uni soon anyway, so why bother..

Of course I also forgot to write down their wishes before I left, so you’ll just have to wait till next time to see wait they will be bugging me with for five days Smiley, der blinker 


Happy Simming Skole

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  1. I never found the Dreamer house fun either. Yes, Kim should go to Uni! I have never played Kaylynn I really should marry her in somewhere! You are right, the men treat her badly! :)