søndag den 11. august 2013

Round 2–Caliente


Beginning wishes:

Dina: Get a puppy, marry rich (locked!), get a promotion and to get engaged to Dan

Nina: Wohoo 3, Be BF with Aage, dance with Connie Oldie and Dance with Leon



Ironically, starting this round Nina got promoted


While poor Dina got fired due to a bad chance card


To put her in a better mood, I got her the car she wished for…



Which Nina took advantage of right away.. If some of you recall, Nina’s Love Tub got stolen last round, so Nina probably also wished for the car so she could have another place than “just” her bed to go do her business….

By the way, this is Leon…


Dina decided to give herself a new look

And soon she also got a new job in adventure. Her LTW is to become leader of SCIA, but there were no such jobs available that day…


Soon she was also promoted, as well as her sister in her job



This gave her the confidence she needed to care for her almost non-existant love life. One day, a passerby catched her eye, Peter Ray was his name..


He had lots of money, and soon Dina seemed more interested in him than she was in Mortimer Goth…


Nina went on wooing men. I don’t really remember the name of this one….



But maybe I’ll have to look it up soon, if it turns out he is the lucky one….

Odd pic out:


That could be a solution, Dina…..


If he doesn’t take all your money. Seriously, he got like half a million and then he steals from these two, who frankly don’t have much… Shame on you, Morty….!


A/N: It went much better this time. I almost got around to fulfilling all of their wishes each day, but there’s still room for improvement…

Nina mostly wished for wohoo, dates, so and so many loves, make-outs and so on, and meet new people.

Dina  wished to skill (she is quite fitting for Mortimer on that account, I must say), to marry rich (maybe that’ll happen soon enough), earn money, go to work and buy this and that such as skillingstations and when I bought her one, she wished for a badge in it…

But all in all an interesting week. Can’t wait to go back. Is ense there’s a lot of changes coming their way….

Happy Simming!  Smiley, der har det varmt

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  1. Awww yeah! Love those Caliente women. My Nina had kids by multiple dads, but did marry a townie after a while, when the wish rolled up. Dina and her gold digging ways!