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Round 2–Brooke/Rabunduus


Beginning wishes:

Morten:  Get into private school, earn money, meet new people and go to Uni

Birgitte (Brandi):  Be BF with Bent, get a cleaning skill, entertain, and play a game with someone

Bent: sell lemonade, get a skill point, talk about hobby and get an A+





Oh I see. Pregnant, hungry woman trying to cook herself a meal…


Or a dessert? Eww, Brandi don’t eat that…

After burning the first cheesecake, Brandi threw a wish to learn how to cook one (ok, but you’re asking for it)


And this time she suceeded..


Not long after, Birgitte was due to giving birth


Here’s Viggo


and surprise it’s twins! This is Martin. Both got Birgitte’s skintone, haircolour and eyes..

After the birth of the twins Brandi wished to get married. Of course I locked it, now I just need to find her a husband.. And a good one this time, and some money wouldn’t hurt either Smiley, der blinker



But untill she found that significant other, Birgitte spent a lot of time with her kids. Mostly that was what she wished for actually.



And she could be very proud with them. Bent got an A+ one day, and finally fulfilled that wish.!



Soon it came time for the twins’ birthday




Cutiepies! Ok, time for personalities: Martin is 3 sloppy, 6 outgoing, 4 lazy, 6 playful and 7 nice while Viggo is 7 neat, 9 outgoing, 8 active, 5 playful and 6 nice.

After their birthday, Birgitte took a job in culinary, but it is only temporary. She is waiting for a job in Law and Enforcement to open up for her, but she is a very good cook, so I thought; why not.


It was around that time to that Birgitte wished to find some love, so she and Morten went out. Morten got himself a handheld game and Birgitte started her search….


And she found these two. She got two bolts for them both, but since John is married and I’ve got no intention to split him and Pia, Benjamin Long it is!


Odd pic out:


Random Townie, STEP AWAY FROM THE SINK!!!!


Buuuuut, you’re forgiven for learning Bent how to say hello like a real caveman! Flækker af grin


A/N: I must say, I think this was quite a tough household. Hope it get’s better. Now this is quite embarassing, since I’ve forgot if I sent Morten to Uni or not. I’m pretty sure I did.. Tænkende smiley

And I didn’t get to write down the ending wishes either, but I do know that poor Birgitte still wishes to fall in love..


Happy Simming! Rødt hjerte

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  1. yes, Birgitte always wants to get married. What a Family Sim!!! I did not do a good job in this house trying to fulfill wishes for her. Finally I found that she wanted to interact with Morten alot, so she did that in the mornings before he went off to school, and she was good. You are right, it is about falling into a rhythm.